Get to know our products - B2B

What is renting with option to buy?

It is a renting option in which, at the end of the contract, the vehicle becomes your property. Choose whether you prefer high entry/exit fees combined with lower monthly fees or pay less on entry/exit in exchange for higher monthly fees.

Once the pre-reservation of the scooter or bike has been made, our risk analysis department will evaluate the operation and will tell us if it is accepted or denied. We will be in contact at all times to inform you in detail of this process. The documentation that you will have to accredit to our department of risk is:

  • ID card or residence permit of the administrator and/or proxy.
  • The power of attorney.
  • VAT declarations for the last 3 fiscal years
  • Balance sheet and annual accounts for the last 3 fiscal years.

This is how our service works - B2B

What kind of driving licence do I need?

To rent a scooter with Cooltra you must have a valid driving licence in the country you are using the service.

For a fleet of bikes no licence is required.

Scooter 50ccScooter 125ccScooter 3-ruedasScooter > 125cc
Spain At least 18 years, B/AM card, B (more than 1 year) At least 18 years, A1 / A or under 21 years and 3+ years of experience with B At least 18 years old, A1 / A or 3+ years of experience with B At least 18 years old and A or A2 card
Italy At least 18 years old, B / AM card At least 18 years, license of A1 (max 11KW) or A2 (max 35KW) or A or B (max 11KW) At least 18 years old, A1 / A or 3+ years of experience with B At least 21 years old and A or A2 card
France At least 18 years old, B / AM card At least 20 years old, A1 / A or B + L5E At least 20 years old, card A1 / A or B + L5E At least 20 years old and A or A2 card
Portugal At least 18 years old, B / AM card A1 / A card or 25+ years old + B A1 / A card or 25+ years old + B Driving license A or A2

What does the scooter rental include?

The monthly tariff includes:

  • Maintenance and revisions
  • Insurance
  • 24h roadside assistance
  • ITV, road tax, registration
  • Jet helmet

Prices do not include VAT

Can I choose extras?

Yes, we have several options of extras that you can choose in the step 2 of our quotation selection process.

Some of these extras are second helmet, full-face helmet, top case (from 26L to 210L), padlock, GPS/mobile phone holder, replacement vehicle, etc.

How is the scooter or bike pick-up process?

In the case of flexible renting, once you have completed the online reservation of your vehicle, we will contact you to let you know the date when you can pick it up. Most vehicles are delivered in approximately 48-72 hours after confirmation of the reservation.

If you have chosen a higher category or premium model, the delivery time may be between 2 and 4 weeks, but we will do our best to deliver it as soon as possible.

In the case of fixed lease, the approximate delivery time is between 2 and 4 weeks if we have to deliver a new vehicle.

For the renting with option to buy, the approximate term is between 2 and 4 weeks depending on the model chosen.

What documents di I nedd to rent a scooter?

You need:

  • CIF
  • Proxies
  • Proxy/Administrator ID
  • Driving licence
  • Balance Sheet and Income Statement for the period.
  • VAT quarters submitted for the current fiscal year.
  • Annual summary of the fiscal year

In addition, for the pre-reservation of scooters with a long term contract (more than 24 months) or plus/premium models, our risk analysis department must previously evaluate the operation in order to accept or deny it. We will be in contact at all time to inform you in detail about this process.

How many kilometers can I drive each month?

It depends on the number of kilometers contracted (between 500, 750, 1.000, 1.500, 2.000 kms). In Cooltra we adapt to your needs.

How long does it take to return the deposit after the end of the contract?

After checking the condition of your fleet, if it is in good condition, we will return the money within one month (maximum).

What happens if I have an accident or my vehicle is stolen?

This depends on the insurance you have, if you have third party insurance, the insurance company will compensate the third party involved, but as a driver you will have to pay the amount that belongs to the repair of the vehicle. If you have insurance with excess, you will have to pay up to the established amount. Bet on comprehensive insurance with excess and avoid problems.

In the case of theft, it will depend on the insurance that you have contracted.

What happens if I exceed the contracted monthly km?

In case of exceeding the contracted monthly km, an extra charge per km exceeded will be applied.

The amount varies depending on the model and category of the scooter.

If you want to modify the kilometres for the next months, you can do it at any time.

Can I cancel the contract at any time?

If you have a flexible renting contract, yes. Cancel without any worries.

If you have another type of contract, you can also cancel, but you will be charged extra.

What is more cost-effective in the long term, an electric scooter or a petrol one?

Both the consumption and maintenance of an electric scooter is always lower than for a petrol scooter, around 80% lower. We only have to compare the price of electricity with the price of petrol, taking into account that we can recharge our electric scooter in the existing points in the cities for free.

If we make a quick calculation, we see that a scooter that does 20 km per day on average during the 7 days of the week means a petrol cost of about €450 per year. All this without taking into account the changes in the price of oil, which always tend to be upward. An electric scooter of the same displacement is capable of doing the same annual kilometres for only €50, saving €400 each year.

In addition, electric scooters require less maintenance as they do not need oil changes and the engineering is not so complex.

Is it better to rent or to buy?

Cash outlay It needs liquidity No hay inversión inicial. There is no initial investment. Payment of monthly installments..
Registration The client is listed as the owner where he has his tax address. Cooltra is listed as an owner. Free of road fund taxes for the client. Billing
Billing Many bills during the usage period of the property. An only monthly invoice that includes rent and services (accounting facility). Sale of the used vehicle
Sale of the used vehicle The customer assumes the risk of selling the used vehicle. Cooltra assumes the risk of the sale value of the vehicle.
Management and time The client takes care of all the management of the vehicle. Cooltra takes care of everything.
More protection Third party insurance You cover all the damages. Cooltra has full risk insurance with excess that protects you in case of accident/fire.
Trust You have no alternatives in case of failures. Cooltra provides extra replacement scooter service so you never stop your activity.