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From €129 per unit

Rent-to-buy for companies

At the end of the rental contract, the vehicles become your property

What does rent-to-buy involve?

If you like to own your fleet after the renting contract expires, this is the option for you!

Chose the modality that best suits your company's needs:

  • Less starting investment and higher monthly fees
  • Greater initial investment and lower monthly fees

As you can see, the renting of scooters with option to purchase is very simple. You pay a fee every month according to your possibilities and in return you travel through the city on that scooter that you like so much and that, otherwise, you could not afford.

As with the other mobility solutions that we offer at Cooltra, the option to purchase from our rental comes with everything included so you do not have to worry about anything. 

  • All included in the monthly payment
  • Choose between 12, 18 and 24 months
  • Option of "low entry-high fee"
  • Option of "high entry-low fee"
  • Deductible VAT
  • The best electric scooters on the market
Our tariffs include everything your business needs
  • Insurance
  • Maintenance and revisions
  • Roadside assistance
  • Customer area to control your fleet

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Rent-to-Own Scooters

The rental of scooters with the option to purchase is an interesting option to get a scooter. You decide how you want to pay it, since Cooltra offers you two ways of renting:

  • Lower initial investment and higher monthly fees
  • Higher initial investment and lower monthly fees

With Cooltra you can choose the rental service for scooters with the option to purchase that best suits your needs. The conditions of this type of contract are exactly the same as those of any long-term scooter rental contract, only this time, at the end of the contract period the scooter becomes your property if you wish.

The prices shown are for 1 unit. Do you need a larger fleet? Fill in the form in the next step and we will contact you with a budget as you need.

We are sorry! We do not have scooters available with the criteria you have set. We recommend that you try another combination or that you only select the city to show you the models available in the area.

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